Saturday, August 9, 2008


Can you believe it’s been a year that Jacob’s home with us? He is doing great. He has grown 5 inches and gained 5 pounds. He is so energetic, and happy. He talks all the time, with so much detail. He is also very independent. “Me do it myself!!” Right now, he’s favorite word is “Why?”. He starts to “school” in a week and is so excited about it. He has the most amazing memory. He recognizes places we have been, even if it’s only been one time. He remembered riding a little 4 wheeler 11 months after he had ridden it with our friend’s little girl, Breanna. When we asked him where he was when he rode it he was able to tell us. He pays attention to cars and if he sees one that looks like someone’s car he knows he will tell you “That’s so-and-so’s car” even if it’s a different color.

We have gone through all the “firsts” with him, as you will see in all the pictures I am attaching. Jacob was Batman at Halloween. We all had a great Christmas with him. He went on his first Easter Egg Hunt and he’s had his first vacation in the Smokey Mountains. We had hoped to go the beach, but it looks like we will be taking that trip next summer. He loves the water. Oh, he also has had his first swimming lessons. He had his first boat ride today with his cousin, Matthew. Other first he absolutely loved was Vacation Bible School.

I had planned to update the blog at Halloween, then Christmas, then his 3rd Birthday, but has you can see that didn’t happen. I doubt if I will be anymore successful at updating than I have been this past year, so most likely this will be my last blog.

I do love and appreciate everything each of you have done for us and for welcoming Jacob with open arms. He is so loved and he can feel it. He sure likes to pass out those little hugs and kisses.
God Bless You All.

The Sims’ FAMILY


Losquintasortegas said...

Dear James, Teresa and Jacob. We have found your blog today because a friend of us, who has adopted at Simferopol too told us about it, and told us Teresa, our daughter was in it. And , ye, We have found you. We are very happy to know about you, abouto Jacob is allright, and happy, and because We look at your pictures, and We can see you are a nice and happy family. We are too. Teresa Victoria, Vika, is a real Spanish girl, and She lives happy with us and her brother Lennon. We have read the sweet words you wrote about us and about our girl when you met us there at Simferopol, and We are very impressed to know about your desire of adopting Vika then. Weel, We would like to keep contact with you, if you wat, so We give you uor email adress, and please, Email us and We will send you some pictures of us. We think you are going to be happily impressed, when tou see how Teresa is now. She is a little princess, very nice , and very sweet. So please, email us, and Who knows? perhaps some day you will travel to our country , Spain, or we go to the United States, and whe can meet the two familys eachother, and remember the Simferopol´s days.
Please, excuse my faults writing your language.
Kisses from Teresa, Lennon, Maria Teresa (Mayte) and Javier, from Spain.
Our email:
And we give you aour blog adress too. There you can find a lot of pictures from the days in Simferopol, and a few from three or four months ago.

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